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 Rules Of The Clan

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PostSubject: Rules Of The Clan   Rules Of The Clan Icon_minitime1Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:24 pm

Hi Guys.
Since the clan was made we have recruited a lot of different sorts of people (some good and some bad), we have been changing how the clan has worked with these sorts of people countless times and we have now got together and discussed permanent ways of dealing with these sorts of issues (otherwise known as rules).

Here is the Topics we covered...

  • Recruiting

  • Citadel

  • Events

  • General Clan Chat

  • Drop Parties

  • Kicking

  • Ranks

We spoke about the issue with recruiting because we had a lot of people joining then they stopped playing, this created issues that forced us to keep kicking each month. We discussed this and chose to implement a 3 day guesting period before joining, this will show us if the people actually want to join our clan. This will allow us to recruit willing people that are happy with how we run the clan and have 3 days (at least) to get to know the members. (SO MAKE THEM FEEL WELCOME)

We spoke about the issue with the clan citadel because we have 160 members yet a maximum of 30 people cap, this has made it where we are trying to upgrade but it takes so long because people just don't want to do it. Capping at our clan citadel isn't mandatory but when we are upgrading I want as many people as possible (unless there's a valid reason) to cap. This will link into the drop parties section which i will cover down below. We will be creating primary which will be shown in the Calendar icon in the clan channel so check there each week to see what we are needing to cap.

Clan Events
We haven't spoken much about this but we will be setting events such as bossing, skilling and Warbands. I R Rogue will be in charge of these events and will organise weekly events. At first we will have randoms with us when we do these events but as we get more people in our clan involved we will slowly move on from having randoms to full clan events.

General Clan Chat
General clan chat has been a problem since the start where people just haven't been talking in the clan chat, this could be due to a variety of different reasons such as setting some clan members to ignore (so you can't see their messages), people not being in clan chat and people just not talking. To resolve this i want people to not put anyone on ignore and if there is a problem with another clan member to discuss with them while I am present but people shouldn't have to change their personalities just to be able to talk to other members (That isn't what our clan is about), Everyone needs to be in clan chat at all times or have pm on at all times (I am sick of chasing people when i need them), I want people to say hi or greet members when they are talking in clan chat or if you see them come online (this makes them feel welcome and are more likely to talk) and lastly if you are afking I want people to keep an eye on clan chat because again I don't want to chase you down when I need you.

Drop Parties
We have had drop parties ever since the clan was started, these have always been a popular event in our clan and I would like to keep doing them. Clan drop parties will be once a month (dates will be discussed at a later date) and they will be at least 20m up to a maximum of 200m (depending on how much I make during the month), drop parties are only available to clan members who cap at the citadel (this shows that members receive more than just a 'thanks' for capping). I am welcome to donations from people to help fund drop parties.

This has been an issue for a very long time, kicking clan members is something nobody wants but has to be done. If clan members are inactive for over 2 months they will be kicked (unless they have a valid reason and let me know beforehand), any member that has been kicked is allowed to join back into the clan when they come back to the game.

Ranks have always been a very big issue and we have never created a proper ranking system. I have discussed this and this is what we have come up with:

  • Capping at citadel once =  Corporal Status

  • Capping at citadel Twice = Sargent Status

  • Gaining 10m xp (while being in clan) = Lieutenant Status

  • Gaining 25m xp (while being in clan) = General Status

  • Gaining 50m xp (while being in clan) = Captain Status

Any rank past Captain requires confirmation from a clan vote

Rules Of The Clan Allucid-rbn2
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Rules Of The Clan
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