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 Lore with Nor': A monkey, a cabbage, and a rebel.

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Lore with Nor': A monkey, a cabbage, and a rebel. Empty
PostSubject: Lore with Nor': A monkey, a cabbage, and a rebel.   Lore with Nor': A monkey, a cabbage, and a rebel. Icon_minitime1Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:01 am

Hello clan folks this is Lore with Nor' up for another week of...lore chat?

A lot of discussions have been done, from Creators, the Ilyuanka, Freneskae, and otherwise large topics. Now... we seem to be scrapping the bottom of the monkey barrel.

I mean, look. Here's a tipsy gorilla, there's a pretentious cabbage, oh and look at that shirtless bloke in the middle, as always. Need I say more?

 Neutral ............

Alright alright, I'll say more.

So let's start with Marimbo, patron godess of the monkeys, and parties. Funny enough, there is another god who represents this at the same time; Apmeken. After your many adventures with the dastardly scabarites and sentient monkeys, you come to a quest called Do No Evil where you find out the Kharidian area used to be lush and full of monkeys (later you find out that it became a desert after Tumeken blew himself up to save his people from Zaros' legions via the Mahjarrat Memories, but going on). And among the Menaphite Parthenon was the godess Apmeken representing them. She is also the most playful/miscevious of the Menaphite lot, sporting three different types of faces depending on her current nature; a baboon for comical, a monkey for skillfulness, and an ape for wisdom. During the quest you would find out that she had been cursed by Amascut.

Now how does this godess and Marimbo exist at the same time? For one they look different; Apmeken, like the rest of her Parthenon, is a humanoid with the head of her represented animalia, ie. the primate, whereas Marimbo is entirely and undoubtly a gorrila in whole. Also, Apmeken is more considered a demigod, with three other siblings, created in one of Tumeken's dreams. If I were to guess, the Monkeys already existed, and from the monkeys Marimbo ascended to godhood much like the majority of young gods.

And guess what a monkey who ascended to godhood does? Go about realm to realm in a manner of a bar crawl. Not fight over the other gods for such things as god swords or elder artifacts. No during those hard times, she left to safer realms, and took anyone willing, usually monkeys, with her. In that way, she may try to hide from the worst of the world and live life to the fullest. I wonder then, if Zaro's prediction of the elder gods destroying their worlds comes true, will there be anyplace to hide.

Speaking of Zaros.....let's talk about Brassica Prime, the most obvious successor as the God of Control.

But all sarcasm aside, Brassica is the god of cabbages, and somehow deliciousness. Rather arrogant for a talking vegetable, he believes that the world is cabbage shaped, that cabbage is the most delicious food, and that by being consume he grows stronger, and therefore he is the rightful ruler of all things; kind of like Saradomin, but in a more comical way, and he doesn't see the need of the Stone of Jas (or as he hilariously calls it, the "Cabbage of a Thousand Truths").

But why is there a God of Cabbage in the first place?! Well, it started as an April Fools event, where all the cabbages in the world started hoping, and you were able to kick them or something and they all had fun. Occasionally, you would see a large cabbage, a God of all cabbages, by the name of Brassica prime. At this point, It was ill considered as a god, but eventually we all now know the true power of deliciousness.

But not everyone thinks that cabbages are the most delectable item in Gilenor; monkeys, such as Marimbo, thin that bananas are much better, and from there the "world turning" event of the tastiest commences.

As for the Holstein of the godless,....he's still just standing there all lonely like, at the wrong place at the wrong time. I actually wanted that person to be Kara-Meir so I could laugh at her ugly face, but oh well. That'll be another day. As will another topic.

But until then, Cya Laters
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Lore with Nor': A monkey, a cabbage, and a rebel.
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