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 Lore with Nor': A new god

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PostSubject: Lore with Nor': A new god   Lore with Nor': A new god Icon_minitime1Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:13 am

Hello clan folks, this is Lore with Nor', and this week, I have decided to take up a topic mentioned behind the scenes, aproximately during one of Jagex's Runescape Lore Sessions (something I should listen to but never have Razz). This is the prospect of an already present NPC ascending to godhood.

So who could that be? Well, it's hard to say. Many factors come into becoming a god or godess, and it would be hard to weed out all the liable characters. So to warm up, I will include several bios, much like those of the Creators from the last topic, each pertaining to one of the three NPCs I decide to ponder about this event. We will analyse what would make this person/whatever a good candidate as well as what wouldn't. Also, these are mostly subjects I listed myself, ergo mostly biased to my opinions. So don't hate me on this silent . I am hoping that other nominations chosen by you to be posted in the comments below (I know it's not a popular thing to comment on my posts, but it would be nice if you did for this one....).

So without further ado, here are my nominations;

Sliske: At this time, he is now less likely a candidate, but he is worth noting because, at the time, he was the most likely. He killed Guthix, absorbed some of his power, acquired both the Staff of Armadyl and the Stone of Jas, and he even got his own faction upon the release of the God Emissaries. Throughout though, he never let on that he really did ascend to godhood, always keeping his cards close to his chest. This was to much the irritation of the present gods in Missing, persumed Death, their respective followers, and many of the adventurers who took place at these events, while he left them all guessing. Of course, it is now the knowledge that in the result of Fate of the Gods, (spoiler) upon returning to the Empyrian Citadel, he allows one straight answer from a selection of five. For those who did not fool around and picked the favorite color option, there is a good amount of knowledge to gain from the cumulative reports of each question, one being that he admits to NOT being a god, describing his power more like the world guardian's. However, although he has admitted to not being a god, it could still be left that he could become one. It may be silly to become a god in the wake of the god wars he is stirring up, but after the dust settles, there isn't any straight reason why he wouldn't want to. And he still has both Elder Artifacts, though he is using the Stone for knowledge rather than power at this time. So while we can accept that he isn't a god right now, we should still be weary of him...

The Raptor: For those who aren't familiar, there are at least six "signature" runescape NPC heroes; Sir Owen, Adrianne, Ozan, Linza, Xenia, and The Raptor. Perhaps the most mysterious, least talkative, and most popular of the six (50% was voted towards him in a poll), The Raptor is an male being of a rather unknown, though humanoid race, concealed by the vast amount of armor he wears. The pinnacle of what we know about him is that he is an excessive killer, looking for more and more challenges. He pops up from time to time in the game, and is involved in the novice quest Song from the Depths. I have nominated The Raptor because, also during a lore session, it was revealed that his battle-challenging trait gets to the point of challenging a god. AS seen in history, defeating a god may result in the ascension of the latter, and The Raptor would be a fitting replacement of the now empty God of War throne left by Bandos' defeat. However, a victory over a god doesn't guarantee ascension, seen by Sliske, and Tuska is also fitting the bill for Bandos' successor, and more so. Furthermore, it could ruin The Raptor's personality if he were to attain godhood, so it may be better if he were to remain a bad-ass slayer.

Nex: For a long time it was unknown what exactly Nex was. From her appearance she looked to be part vampyre, part icyene, part demon, part avianse. It is now known that she is a nihil, one of a race partially created by Zaros when he was trying to look for a cure to the Ilujanka's infertality. However, as a Transendent rather than a Creator, he was incapable of making life from nothing, but only alter it. He required Mah's energy to create the new life, which should be regarded as Zarytes. Seeing this as a failure on his part, he instead called his creations nihil (meaning nothing in latin), because they were nothing to him. However, one stood among the crowd of nihil, being larger and more powerful. Zaros saw this, and before the others could destroy her, he gave her sentience and named her Nex. Since then she has been one of Zaros' most loyal and most powerful followers. It might be a little hard to say if she could be powerful enough to take on godhood, or even if she did, if she would leave Zaros's side to do so. However, there has been some word that she could attain it. And it doesn't even need to be against Zaros' will, for he mentions, among his discussions with him in Fate of the Gods, that he would welcome all the young gods under his banner, which would lead me to believe that Nex would still serve Zaros even if she became a godess.

But these are only my opinions. And there are still a number of possible characters out there that I haven't considered. So feel free to perhaps include these in the comments below. If however there aren't any, I may at some point include a list of them sans a bio.

But untill next week, Cya Laters
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Lore with Nor': A new god
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