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 Lore with Nor': The Empty Lord

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What do you think really happened at the betrayal?
Zaros 'tripped'.
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Zamorak pushed him or someting like that.
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An outside force interfeared with the fight.
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Something else.
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Lore with Nor': The Empty Lord Empty
PostSubject: Lore with Nor': The Empty Lord   Lore with Nor': The Empty Lord Icon_minitime1Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:49 am

Hello clan folks this is Lore with Nor' here to bring up another week of lore for the likes  of you. In this Gilenor where gods run rampant, today we are going to focus on a particular god; one who has been hidden and beneath the shadows since the 6th age rather than upfront like the other gods; one who's powers could rival even Guthix's; one who, when present in Gilenor in his former glory, struck fear into the hearts of everyone around him to the point where they shunned to even say his proper name long after he was banished.

Today, we talk about the god of control,...ZAROS. (Try squinting your eyes he's really hard to see.)

Zaros has been very eluding to the common adventurer, and would have to have don a few  quests to have even hear of his name. You first hear him (hypothetically) in the Dig Site quest. at first it seems an innocent, and dull, dig; here's a pot I found, this must be an old coin, ooh look at this broken arrow, etc. But then you find this particular object; a circular symbol with an + in the middle. This is a talisman marked with the symbol of Zaros, and this 'dig site' is actually what remains of his capital, Sennisten. Later you uncover the underground sector dedicated to him, and continue on to freeing Azzanadra, his most loyal follower, through Desert Treasure. Communications are restored in the Temple at Sennisten and opinions are held between Char in Firemaker's Curse and other mahjarrat in linked mahjarrat quests. And of course there is his involvement between his followers in The World Wakes and his aura in Missing, persumed Death.

So exactly what makes this guy so hot-stuff anyway? Well to begin with, lets look to where the other gods came from, because these gods weren't always gods. Saradomin derived from the humans, Zamorak from the mahjarrat, Armadyl from the avianse, Bandos from an extinct warrior race, Serene from the elves (I assume), Guthix from the Naragi, etc. Now lets look at where Zaros derived from...any luck there? No? That's because there isn't anything to look for. It has been confirmed (via Runefest) that Zaros was in fact ALWAYS a god. That in itself puts him above the other gods, even Guthix, and almost at par with the Elder Gods...but lets talk about them later.

So if he is so powerful, why isn't he here? Well, I'd be damned if there is any experienced adventurer who hasn't heard about the 'Betrayal'. This betrayal was the point of time where Zamorak, Zaros' most loyal (and mortal) general at the time, plotted to overthrow his lord. This included taking false note to report to him, separating his most trusted of sevants such as Char, and then, most importantly, obtaining the Staff of Armadyl. To give a greater image of the staff's power, imagine that even Zaros can't just banish all the other gods at the time, but if he had the staff, his powers would magnify so that he could.

In a twisted turn of events, the staff was tossed between a few unlucky humans, including a wizard who enchanted the staff to be 'hidden', thus being able to be brought in without the Empty Lord noticing. Therefor, Zamorak and his amassed bodyguards infiltrated his temple and, as the bodyguards of both Zamorak and Zaros occupied each other, Zaros and Zamorak themselves fought against each other.

Little is know about this notorious duel. Zaros was injured in the begining, being stabbed in the back with the Staff of Armadyl, but even then was more than a match for Zamorak at the time. As for Zamorak, mortal as he was, he fought well for a mortal against a god. But all the same, he was loosing, and Zaros practically had him around the neck until that 'incident' happened. It is harshly debatable whether Zamoak made Zaros fall, or if Zaros 'tripped', or if something else happened, but whatever it was made Zaros fall on his back, thus shooting out the staff still imbeded straight through him and even into Zamorak, channeling some of his power. In the last moments Zaros cursed those who aided this treachery and used the remaining of his power to cast his soul to the shadow realm.

(fun fact; a powerful god(ess) can avoid death by banishing his/her soul from their body. This action could have been done with Guthix, should he have wanted to).

Here I have typed a whole lot of content and I haven't even scraped what mysteries the Lord of Shadows holds. So I will conclude with what may be his best quality; he is cunning, manipulative, patient, forethought, and above all, fate. His plans are intricately woven and are almost impossible to thwart, as only he knows of them. He has the ability to convince so many beings to join his cause, as well as the ability to twist those against him. He does not seek petty vengeance or war, but rather something far more important. Time is no object to him, and is patient to see his plans go to work.

He is Fate. (Again squint your eyes.)

And that will be why the quest is which he returns is called Fate of the Gods. This quest may just be the very best quest to date, bringing forth the inevitable return that almost everyone was anticipating. For those curious, the quest won't actually come out this week, but rather next week (more time to bring up my divination level, yay!). As for this week, warm yourselves up to some memory collecting in the miniquest where Kharasi tasks you in finding other mahjarrat memories, the rewards of which will give something unique to the upcoming grandmaster quest. Also, if you feel bored or just don't know what to do, feel free to leave a comment or put in your vote on the poll (I realized I forgot the poll last topic, but I'm not going to sweat over it).

Until next week, Cya Laters.
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Lore with Nor': The Empty Lord
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